H2O 185/60-13

Hoosier H2O 185/60/13 track tire
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  • Item #: 46100H2O
  • Manufacturer: Hoosier Race Tire
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 46100H2O
  • Diameter: 21.7"
  • Circumference: 68.3"
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Width Section: 8.5"
  • Width Tread: 7.3"
  • Required Rim Width: 5.0 - 6.0"
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Hoosier Race Tire has been manufacturing the leading track/race tires for decades. The current line of DOT approved track tires will easily out perform competing tires every time. Hoosier's excellent communication with racers and attention to detail has produced the best performing tires in the market.  The H20 compound and tread pattern are specifically developed for wet conditions. Hoosier's H2O Wet tire features a tread compound proven during years of Grand-Am endurance racing. Through the initial portion of their life (between their beginning tread depth of 8/32-inch and approximately 4/32-inch of remaining tread depth), the walls of the tread grooves taper as the tires wear. The remainding 4/32" tread are molded vertically. This allows the tires to serve as full wet tires when used at their original 8/32-inch tread depth, or intermediate wet tires when shaved or worn to approximately 4/32-inch of remaining tread depth due to the reduced tread squirm and increased footprint contact area. Hoosier's H2O wet tires have a symmetric internal construction and directional tread design that allow them to be mounted for use on either side of the car. They feature a three-ply nylon cord radial carcass reinforced by two fiberglass belts and a spirally wound circumferential nylon cap ply under the tread.

WARNING: D.O.T. labeled Hoosier Racing Tires meet Department of Transportation requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE. It is unsafe to operate any Hoosier Racing Tire, including D.O.T. tires, on public roads. The prohibited use of Hoosier Racing Tires on public roadways may result in loss of traction, unexpected loss of vehicle control, or sudden loss of tire pressure, resulting in a vehicle crash and possible injury or death.

H2Os are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. It’s also essential these tires be stored indoors at temperatures maintained above 32 degrees F.


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